Platform Ankle Boots, Brown Viperine Leather, 5280, Plumers

Brown viper leather ankle boots 5280, Plumers, with a heel height of 7.5 cm.

Footwear width: 7.5 cm.

This model is available from size 32 to size 34.

VAT included


The 5280 ankle boots in brown viper leather from the Plumers brand are quite original ankle boots, resting on a natural black heel with a height of 7.5 cm. They also have a front platform with a thickness of 2 cm, for a walking feeling of 5.5cm. Perfect to limit the work of your ankles when you use them. The contour of the ankle (taken at the top of the upper) is 25 cm. The height of the stem is 11.5 cm, stem which is in grain leather with a dark brown and chocolate brown viperine aspect. There is also a chocolate brown suede as well as a decorative strap also in brown viperine leather with a decorative buckle at the top of the upper, for a significant touch of style and originality. This model has a leather insole, as well as an outsole made of a high quality non-slip elastomer. Donning is done fairly quickly thanks to a zipper on the inside of the upper.

The width of the shoe is 7.5 cm.

If you like this model, it is good to know that it is also available in burgundy leather.

Plumers models are produced in Spain in Menorca. From a craftsmanship, Plumers uses luxurious materials of superior quality, it is recognized for its elegant and comfortable models. Plumers Menorca is a specialist in women's footwear in small sizes. Each Plumers model is reviewed by Petits Souliers in its choice of mixes of materials and colors based on high quality and very flexible leather, the models are then branded Petits Souliers on the interior leather sole.

Product Details

Front tray

2 cm



Front chainring

Matt crocodile

Stem Height


Calf contour

Plumers Menorca

Heel Height



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Size chart for this model

Normal shoe




32 32 - 32.5 20 - 20.3 cm
33 33 - 33.5 20.5 - 20.8 cm
34 34 - 34.5 21 - 21.3 cm
35 35 - 35.5 21.5 - 21.8 cm

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